Landscapers Focused on Beauty and Superior Layouts

We pride ourselves on our talent and creativity to design unique and breathtaking landscapes. Skinner’s Lawn and Landscape is disciplined in a host of landscape services, all of which have ways of adding appeal and function to your outdoor living. As a dependable landscape company, we vow to earn your approval of our work that once we’re done with your landscaping project, you’ll feel overjoyed with the sight of your heavenly garden beds, gorgeous flower garden and impeccable lawn. From mulching to small tree and bush planting, we offer many ways for you to begin improving the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Addressing Your Most Asked About Landscaping Needs

A landscape project encompasses a wide range of details from the lawn to the hedges. As a full-service and fully dedicated landscape service professional, we provide a menu, sprawling with landscape services including:

  • Land Clearing- We remove obstructions and unsightly vegetation to maximize your space​​.
  • Small Tree & Bush Planting – It’s these little things that make a big difference.
  • Garden Beds – With our love for flowers, we can create a stunning bed of flowers for you.
  • Gardening – Another way to elevate the look of your landscape.
  • Grass Removal – We can remove any section of grass that serves your landscape no purpose.
  • Weed Removal – We remove weeds, so you won’t have to.
  • Hedge Trimming – Keeping your hedge trimmed to promote growth and appearance.
  • Bush Trimming – Another way we can keep your curb appeal up.
  • Mulching – A service that helps hydrate your plants and keep weeds at bay.

Turn to Skinner’s Lawn and Landscape for our professional landscape services in Woodruff. Our South Carolina landscape service company will see how you plan to use your outdoor space so we can provide you with the best plan and outline.

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